Wie is Kathorse Garden?

Kathorse Garden is a small, family based Cornish Rex cattery in Wetteren/Landegem, near Ghent, in Belgium.
Every year we breed a maximum of two Cornish Rex litters.
Our kittens are raised in our living room and even though we are willing to sell to breeders, we prefer the kittens to have a happy and lazy life as neuters.
We are members of Felis Belgica (FIFE) and attend shows every once in a while, but we prefer to enjoy our Rexes at home, far away from all of the stress and fuss that shows often cause.

If you would like to visit our cattery or if you have any questions to ask, you can e-mail or call us. We will be happy to show you are Cornish gems!

Enjoy your visit of our website!


Cornish Rex cattery