Fit and healthy cats

We attach great importance to the health of our animals. Our Cornish Rex cats are a part of our family. Therefore, we hope that they may live a long and happy life with their new owners. Apart from the usual care and medical inspections  we also test all of our breeding animals for FeLV, FIV, HCM and PKD more about heart and kidney diseases in Medical info section , this is for us an absolute requirement to grant the new owners more certainty about the health of their animals. Whether we are talking about breeding cats, show kittens or pets, every Kathorse kitten will move to a loving family and it is in the best interest of both us and the new owners that the kitten’s arrival results in many years of happiness. Health and a great chance of a long and good life are nothing but a priority!

Affectionate and inquisitive personality

In our search for good breeding combinations we pay a lot of attention to the personality of the parents and prefer a sweet and disarming nature. Our kittens are raised in our living room where they are showered with attention. Are you looking for a shy and timid cat that holds aloof all day long on her scratching post? You won’t find these here. You will find energetic, inquisitive and affectionate animals who from kitten age on came into contact with sounds, images, devices and other animals that they will meet at their new homes as well. Our Cornish Rex kittens  are raised socially Check our videos! and know no fear.

Last but not least... Pure beauties!

Let’s be honest: Yes, appearance does matter! Our breeding goal is quality, not quantity. We always choose a male that complements the female in as many ways possible to try and equal the breeding standards. Our objectives for Cornish Rex kittens are an excellent profile Hymne as oeuvre d'art ! with beautiful ears and expressive eyes. A Cornish Rex would not be a Cornish Rex without a waivy, curly coat… and a good measure of elasticity arising from muscular and tall legs. Oh, and we will also try to add a pretty coat colour as the icing on your new kitty’s cake!